How to use lactic acid powder for skin lightening?

Lactic acid is used as a chemical peel to treat a wide variety of skin diseases, including all types of acne spots, acne scars, blackheads, enlarged pores, minor wrinkles and other aging-related diseases.

Lactic acid is the alternative for dark, colored, pinkish or very sensitive skin that cannot and should not use glycolic acid.

The chemical peeling process of lactic acid is the same as the chemical peeling process of glycolic acid. The only thing that varies is that instead of using glycolic acid, lactic acid is used, the rest is exactly the same.

You can buy lactic acid in specialized stores of products to make cosmetics (Great Evening, Homemade Creams, Bulkactives… .etc) and of course on eBay. They usually sell it at a concentration of 80% so it will have to be diluted in half (same amount of distilled water as acid, always adding the acid to the water and not vice versa) to leave it at 40%, enough percentage for a first peeling You can raise this percentage when you have already done a couple of chemical peels of 40% lactic acid

Prepare only the amount you will use in each session.

For example, put 5 ml of distilled water and add 5 ml of 80% lactic acid to this water. So you get 10 ml of 40% lactic acid enough for a chemical facial peel. If you are going to use it for body scrubs in larger areas, prepare more.

If you have some left over, prepare it in the refrigerator in a closed boat and do not keep it for more than a week. Ideally, prepare the amount to be used and not store what is left over, especially if it has been touching or has been in contact with the brush and the skin since the risk of contamination is large and it is not worth risking because the boat already has a lot, it gives many peels and is cheap. You can take advantage of what has been left over by applying it in some other area of ​​the body, for example, the neckline, the knees, the area of ​​the English and any other area of ​​the body whose tone has darkened and you want to clarify, unify or improve.

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