What actually happens in the Bermuda Triangle?

In an area that stretches from the Florida coast, in Bermuda and into Puerto Rico, the infamous Bermuda Triangle - also known as the Death Triangle or the Devil's Triangle - is blamed for hundreds of shipwrecks, mysteriously missing planes and other unexplained phenomena.

Author Vincent Gaddis is credited for presenting the term "Bermuda Triangle" in 1964 in an article he wrote for Argosy magazine, "Deadly Bermuda Triangle", in which he catalogued many of the abnormal events in the area. Several other authors, including Charles Berlitz and Ivan Sanderson, have added valuable information about the mysterious phenomena in this area.

This area has generated many theories and controversies. However, not even today, exactly what is happening in this mysterious area is known. What actually happens in the Bermuda Triangle? Here are the possible explanations.

Unexplained vortices

Researcher Ivan Sanderson suspected that the strange phenomena of the sea and the sky, the mechanical malfunctions of the instrument and the mysterious disappearances were the results of what he called "inexplicable vortices". This area is characterized by extreme currents and temperature variations, which affect the electromagnetic fields.

And the Bermuda Triangle was not the only place on earth where this happened. Sanderson drew elaborate charts, which he identified with ten such locations around the globe, five above and five below the equator.

Magnetic variation

This theory, proposed by the US Coast Guard 30 years ago, states that: “Most of the disappearances can be attributed to the unique environmental features of the area.

First, the "Devil's Triangle" is one of the two places on Earth where a compass points to the actual North and not the magnetic one. The difference between the two is known as the compass variation.

The difference between the two points is huge. If this variation of the compass is not compensated, a navigator might be away from the course and get into serious trouble.

Space-time rupture

It has been suggested that from time to time a space-time rupture opens in the Bermuda Triangle and that the aircraft and ships in the area are currently suffering accidents. Therefore, it is said that most of the time, no trace of ships or aeroplanes is ever found in the area.

Electronic fog

Is it an "electronic fog" responsible for many of the unexplained incidents and disappearances of the infamous Bermuda Triangle?

This is the statement made by Rob MacGregor and Bruce Gernon in their book "Foga". Gernon himself is a witness and survivor of this strange phenomenon. On December 4, 1970, he and his father were flying a Bonanza A36 aircraft over the Bahamas. On the way to Bimini, they encountered strange weather phenomena - a tunnel-shaped vortex whose walls, the wings of the plane reached during the flight. All the electronic and magnetic navigation instruments on the plane did not work properly, and the magnetic compass was inexplicably rotated.

As they neared the end of the tunnel, they were expecting to see the clear blue sky. Instead, they saw only a dull gray white - no ocean, sky or horizon. After flying for 34 minutes, a time confirmed by each hour on board, they woke up over Miami Beach - a flight that would normally take 75 minutes. MacGregor and Gernon believe that this electronic fog they experienced is responsible for the famous disappearance and other aircraft or ships.


When there are no explanations, blame the UFOs. Although the reasons are unclear, it has been suggested that aliens have chosen the Bermuda Triangle as a point to abduct people for unknown purposes.

Apart from the lack of evidence for this theory, we have to wonder why the aliens captured the entire aircraft or ship? Why not kidnap people in the same way that they say they kidnap them from their homes?


One of the postulated locations of the legendary Atlantis island is in the Bermuda Triangle area. Some believe that the atlases were a civilization that developed an amazingly advanced technology and that, in a way, its remnants could still be active somewhere on the ocean floor.

However, there seems to be no evidence of advanced technology - except for a discovery made by Dr Ray Brown in 1970. Brown claims to have discovered a pyramid-like structure with a smooth mirror finish. Swimming inside, he discovered that the interior is completely devoid of corals and algae and was illuminated by an unknown light source. In the centre was a two-handed sculpture holding a luminous sphere.

Methane gas

One of the most interesting scientific theories about the disappearance of ships in the triangle was proposed by Dr Richard McIver, an American geochemist, and further supported by Dr. Ben Clennell of Leeds University in England.

Hydrated methane that causes sedimentation on the ocean floor to bubble could cause ships to disappear. Land sliding off the ocean floor can release large amounts of gas, which would be disastrous, as it would significantly reduce water density. "This would make any ship float a stone," says Connell. Extremely combustible gas could ignite aircraft engines, causing them to explode.

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