What are some transformative short stories?

I believe very much in the power of stories. When we read motivational stories, we often identify and absorb the lessons we are taught.

Through this article I want to share with you 3 great motivational stories, chosen out of about 20 that I had saved on the computer or "saved" with the help of the page corners you folded.

Stories affect you depending on your mood, so before you read them, I recommend that you be open-minded and 100% focused on what you read.



3 Great motivational stories

Motivational Story # 1: Geoff and Tiffany

When Geoff returns from work late at night, he finds his 8-year-old daughter, Tifanny, waiting impatiently at the door. He went to the kitchen and the child followed. "How much do you earn per hour, Daddy?"

Very tired and stressed, Geoff gets upset when he hears the question. "It is not your job!". replied the child.

But Tifanny insisted: "Please, tell me how much you earn per hour!"

"Good," Geoff growled, "I earn about $ 20 per hour."

Then Tiffany asks, "Daddy, can you borrow me $ 10?"

"Don't even think about it!" Says Geoff, leaving the room angrily.

Later, Geoff felt terribly guilty about the way he had behaved with his daughter. She went to her room and found her still awake with tears in her eyes. He took out a ten-dollar bill from his pocket and handed it to the child gently, trying to redeem it. She sat on the edge of the bed wondering why the little girl needed the money.

Tiffany smiled broadly, jumped out of bed happily and hurried to a drawer. He pulled out a handful of crumpled banknotes and coins.

She laid the little treasure on the bed, added her father's banknote, and pushed the pile toward Geoff. "Dad, now I have twenty dollars. Can I buy an hour of your time tomorrow? "

Motivational story # 2: The baseball game

Little baseball player Tanner Munsey hit the ball hard and tried to hit the running back from first to second. Referee Laura Benson decrees "out" for Tanner's opponents. Surprisingly, the boy ran to the referee acknowledging that he had failed to reach the player.

Then referee Laura Benson reverses her decision and sends the opposing player to second base. For his sincerity, Tanner received permission from his coach to hit the ball once more. Two weeks later, Laura Benson was referee again at a baseball game.

Tanner was one of the players and the incident was repeated. This time, Laura decrees that Tanner had failed to reach the player. The point was lost. Tanner watched the referee without even uttering a word. He returned to his seat.

Benson felt something was wrong and called to Tanner: "Have you managed to reach him?" "Yes," Tanner said simply.

Benson reverses his decision, awarding a point to Tanner's team.

The opposing team's coaches challenged the referee's decision, and she explained what had happened two weeks ago. "If a child is so honest," she said, "then I have to give her a point."

Motivational story # 3: The story in the class

One teacher commented on a family photo with first-grade children. One of the boys in the photo had hair and skin of a different color than the other family members.

One of the students suggested that this boy had been adopted. A mythical student, Jenny, promptly intervened: "I know everything about adoptions because I was adopted too."

"What does it mean to be adopted?" Another student asked uncertainly.

"It means," Jenny said, "that instead of growing in your mother's womb you grow in her soul."

There are other motivational stories worth mentioning, but these 3 are among the nicest and best I've read so far.

Of course, I don't mind if you want to share a motivational story with us, better than the ones I proposed.

I hope this article has provided you with the inspiration you need.

Which of the 3 motivational stories did you like the most?

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