15 things every teen should know

Because there are divided opinions about things a teenager might know, I have prepared a list of the 15 most useful things you should know to do on your own if you are over the age of 10. -12 years.

1. Simple luggage for 2-3 days

Whether it is a class trip, or a weekend at sea with a few friends, for whom you have received parental approval, it is good to know what you will need during this time, without loading 2 suitcases and a bag. In 2-3 days you will certainly not need all the cupboard.

2. To cook something simple or your favourite food

You do not have to learn the most complicated dishes of grandma or mother, but it is good to know how to use the microwave or stove for a few simple dishes. If your parents are leaving for a while, or you're leaving somewhere, it is possible to quickly get tired of cold semi-prepared food.

3. How to choose your clothes for an event

You probably have already gone through the period when your mom chose your clothes for the next day. But equally important is to be aware of the events in which you have to change your jeans and fluffy t-shirt or jacket with a more elegant shirt and some serious pants. We know how important your own dress style is to you, but it is a proof of maturity to realize those moments when a certain outfit is required.

4. How to iron a shirt

And because we were talking about outfits, it is equally important to know how to get that outfit, and one of the challenges is ironing clothes. It is important to know how to adjust the iron temperature according to the fabric and to iron sleeves, collars and cuffs without skins.

5. Put clothes on the washing machine

It is good for a teenager to know how to separate coloured clothes from white and black, set the right program, put detergent in the car and remember to remove and stretch clothes in time. You will surely make your parents happier with this ability.

6. Wake up without someone firing at you

We know that waking up in the morning is painful and that most of the time someone's insistence on getting home is necessary. However, going to school is part of your responsibilities and it would be good for you to do so.

7. Know when it's time to ask for help

It's important to do some things yourself, but we all need help from time to time. Knowing when to ask for help, in a situation where you feel you are not doing well, is something you should learn to manage, whether it is something simple or more complicated issues that go beyond you.

8. Have a conversation without lol, cf and brb

As a teenager, you went through a period when strangers were something to watch out for. From now on you will see that there are various social situations in which it is good to know how to have a simple conversation without making a huge effort. Whether it's a face-to-face conversation, over the phone or through messages, the conversation with someone unknown should display the Romanian language as it is, not as we speak it among friends.

9. Make minor repairs to your clothes

There are emergency situations with your clothes that you should know how to solve. From how to sew a button, to how to remove a stain or strengthen a weaker stitch, there are things that can save you at various times.

10. Manage money

Beyond the basics, such as small pocket money savings and how to manage a small budget for the things you need and want, it's time to know about things like: how to use an ATM for various banking operations. , pay invoices or keep records of receipts and other important documents.

11. Clean the room

Whether you have your own bedroom or you share it with your brother or sister, it's good to have time to do things from the office, the bed and the floor. Suck or broom, wipe dust and other things that make the room look pleasing to the eye. It will also help you focus and sleep better.

You can add other things to do here at home, such as cleaning in other rooms or washing dishes after you've finished eating.

12. Follow a promise made

It is important for both you and the relationships with those around you, that when you make a promise, you do your best to bring that thing to fruition. Otherwise, those around you will start to lose their confidence in you and become more and more reluctant.

13. Understand that the Internet is permanent

The Internet gives you a lot of opportunities to post a lot of things about yourself. What you need to remember is that what you post on the internet, stays there. Whether it is a more inappropriate picture, a bad status or otherwise. Think well before you post anything on facebook, and if it helps, think about how easily a teacher or even a relative of yours can reach you on your profile and discover things you might not want to he knows them only the friends you usually interact with.

14. Be aware that it is okay to have different opinions at different times

You are growing and it is the time when you are experiencing a lot of new things about yourself and those around you. That is why it is perfectly normal for your opinions to differ from year to year, or even from month to month. It means you evolve, and your opinions evolve with you.

 15. Use important words

"Please" and "Thank you" are the words that make those around you feel appreciated and relate more easily to you. More than politeness, there are words that convey that you care about the interaction between you, no matter who the other person is.

"No" is another important word that we encourage you to use whenever you think is appropriate. It is perfectly okay to refuse someone when it comes to cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, sex and any other things that do not make you feel comfortable or that you consider dangerous.

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