Good Smartphones! Bad Smartphones! Smartphones! Smartphones! and Smartphones !

Smartphones are now everywhere, and it seems that people are stuck to their phones, which is a bit annoying. There is no doubt that smartphones have improved the way we communicate and live in the digital age. It makes us available 24/7, but it keeps us out of reality at the same time. Too much use of smartphones can cause many problems, including health problems, affects our intimate relationships and hinders our working life. Of course, the expensive smartphone is great for many things, but if you have begun to realise that it is also ruining your life, well, then you are not the only one, many people are now feeling the same.

These are some ways that smartphones are affecting our lives

Smartphones steal our attention from other people and their surroundings; It also reduces cognitive ability and attention span even when you are not using it. Our ability to connect or keep up with other people is weakened, especially when an important discussion is taking place.

Many of you must have been in a situation where your phone is vibrating, although in reality it is not. This is called phantom vibration syndrome or "ringxiety." Now we became completely dependent on our smartphones to maintain our relationship and mood regulation, which in turn has increased our anxiety and paranoia.

We are too addicted to our smartphones that we keep texting and chatting while driving. Therefore, it is quite obvious that it increases the chances of having an accident. Always remember that your life is much more valuable than your smartphone. Therefore, there is no chat, text or tweet when driving.

Many people cannot remember the phone numbers of their friends, parents, spouses and children. The reason is that most of us believe that numbers are already stored on our phone, but what happens if you lost your phone or is dead when you have an urgent need to contact others? The fact is true for our general knowledge as well. Whenever we need to know something, we just search it on Google and then forget it, we don't feel the need to store the information in our brain, which is scary.

The availability and accessibility of everything in smartphones have made us less productive. Most of us work overtime on our smartphones until night, which leads to poor sleep and less energy the next day in the workplace. The reason is that a blue light is emitted from our phones, which slows down the production of melanin, the chemical substance of our body that promotes sleep.

The movie, social media applications and games have a certain role in our inactive behaviour and increase the waistline. Spending too much time with the phone leads to a poor fitness level, and if you can limit the time to 90 minutes, it helps to maintain a better physique.

Excessive cell phone use decreases women's sexual desire. The reasons for the decrease in libido in 25 percent of women are internet and smartphones. Many women have admitted that their partner does not spend much time in the bedroom to start sexual intercourse because they keep checking their smartphone every 2-3 hours in their room. You can create a distance from your loved one.

During the day, we continue to look at our phone very frequently, which takes us a lot of time and many of us find ourselves completing only half of the work on time. Browsing the web with a smartphone makes people worse at work.

If you have lost your phone, or if it is broken, then you must have experienced the depression that accompanies your precious phone. Most people don't mind spending any amount of money on a new phone for fear of losing everything.

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