The visit of aliens to Baragan, told by the inhabitants of a village

An incident happened 10 years ago in the village of Ialomitean Bueşti has remained alive today among the locals. People claim that one summer night they were visited by aliens. Multicolored spherical bodies would have appeared in the sky on the edge of the locality as if in the clear.

On the outskirts of the village of Bueşti, the silence of a scorching summer afternoon is disturbed by a goose thistle that threatens to pierce any passerby. A horse propped up by a hair in the middle of the hatch is unscathed, while his master throws a kettle of water on the animal's body to appease him.

10 years ago, above the same maidan, luminous bodies would have appeared in the sky, close to midnight. The chance has remained alive in this part of the small village of Ialomiţa, and people are convinced that they have been visited by aliens.

Scarlat Balta (40 years old) holds a fist in one hand, and in the other a hammer. From the early hours of the morning he trades at the court fence, and the work seems endless. He pauses, wipes sweat on his forehead, and then begins to repair.

He knows very well the story of the UFO that showed itself above the village, being even a witness of the mysterious occurrence, spent in the power of the night. The man describes in great detail how the whole thing happened. "Well it was close to midnight, when a bright white light appeared in the sky, shaped like a satellite dish. She was surrounded by a few other lights colored purple, yellow, red and green. The world gathered to bear to see what happened. This light went on for a few good minutes in the sky ”, says the man.

"Purple rays entered my house"

A few houses away from the place where the UFO from Bueşti would have been seen, it is Stefan Tanase's house. The man also witnessed the visit that the Martians would have made in the village. He was preparing to go to bed, when the whole house was lit by a purple ray coming from heaven.

Frightened, he went outside to see what was happening and watched as dozens of locals watched in astonishment skyward at a fireball that rotates and walks from left to right. "The UFOs came to us twice in the village. The first evening you couldn't throw a needle here on the edge.

Many people came to see what was in the sky and I saw with my own eyes. It was like a ball of fire, surrounded by several lights that went from one side to the other. It took an hour or so. That first night, the second night I woke up with a purple light in the house. I went outside, looked at the sky and saw the fireball again. The UFO was sir, otherwise what could it have been? ”Argues Stefan Tanase

 A divine sign

Another local from Bueşti, on behalf of Gheorghe Dima (76 years), denies the theory of unidentified flying objects or Martians. He believes that what happened in Bueşti 10 years ago was actually a sign given by God. "God is great and He wanted to give us a sign that He exists. God help us all! ”Said the old man, making a cross.

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