The testimony of a clairvoyant about the UFO experience

The study of UFO observations is closely interwoven with countless secret military projects, conspiracy theories, misinformation. All prove profound confusion, at the level of governments and armed forces, regarding the manifestations of this phenomenon, a confusion that transpires from the story below.

In 1970, US intelligence sources found that the Soviet Union spent 60 million rubles annually on "psychotronic" research. In response to claims that the Soviet program produced results, the CIA offered, in 1972, the financing of a small project to the so-called Stanford Research Institute (later renamed SRI International) in Menlo Park, California (no link). with Stanford University), which was run by two young physicists: Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff, with good connections in information structures. Readers may recall that the latter has recently played an important role in AATIP, the secret UFO project of the Pentagon.

Extrasensory view

The objective of the researches was the elaboration of a process of "remote viewing" (Remote Viewing) by extrasensory pathways. Ingo Swann (1933-2013), with a double degree in biology and arts, a civil servant at the United Nations Secretariat, then played the most important role in this regard. At SRI, Ingo Swann has developed, within a project called "SCANATE" (short for "Scanning by coordinates"), a "clairvoyant technology", called Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV), which, after a proper training , for about two years, in six stages, and with the help of specific technical installations, a certain person could acquire the ability to transpose at any point chosen in the world (and not only…), that point being chosen many times. only by indicating some geographical coordinates. The respective person was then able to see and describe in detail the surroundings, facilities, rooms, etc., from the respective place, with an accuracy rate of at least 65%.

The results were presented by SRI at the Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers (IEEE), in 1976, and after publication, everything went in the shadow, in the world of so-called "deep black programs" with special access (SPUS), which a a 1997 US Senate report described them as "exempt from standard Congressional reporting requirements." In 1978, after evaluation operations, the Defense Information Agency formalized the results, using them in the operational program GRILL FLAME, based in Fort Meade, Maryland.

During the training sessions, the "clairvoyers" were given visiting targets, and the descriptions were then compared with reality, for the purpose of "calibration". But those who have chosen, often, targets impossible to verify, among others, from the field of ufology. Ingo Swann has repeatedly warned that those who are so should be considered with the utmost caution. However, in 1973, he himself made a "journey" to the planet Jupiter, which he described as having a ring around it, a result that puzzled him then. Astronomers had never seen such a thing, although the planet had been extensively studied. The surprise was even greater when, over several years, in 1979, the NASA Pioneer 10 spacecraft confirmed that the ring exists.

This was one of the many successes of the extrasensory spy programs. Without his successes, he would not have been maintained for 25 years, until 1995, after which the programs were partially canceled. Plenty of controversy has accompanied their closure and even today it is unknown how many of the successes behind them remain classified.

Swann published an autobiographical book entitled Penetration in 1998, detailing some of his experiences, including many with UFOs and aliens. One of these events is the famous "men in black". One day, a person whom the author calls "Mr. Axelrod" made his appearance in the secure building of the Stanford Institute, which was not easy to do. He found Swann and convinced him to go with him. Axelrod was accompanied by two "twins", "two blond, blue-eyed, military assistants" - according to Swann's description - who were very tall and mysterious, dressed in CIA uniforms.

The four took a small Learjet plane, flying to the west coast, to a wild area Swann assumed would have been found in Alaska, although he was not sure. He was also told that it is better if he does not know. They flew to a small airport, deep in the woods. From here they went, at night, for a few hours with a field car, then pretty much on foot.

Richard Dolan, one of the world-class authorities on UFOs, takes in detail the following incident, in his book: UFOs & The National Security State, The Cover-Up Exposed 1973-1991 (UFOs and National State of security, the unmasking of 1973-1991). According to him, the four had arrived near a small lake, where - as Axelrod told Swann - at dawn he could see, among the pine branches, "that something". Now he was just going to wait and hope that they would be lucky. He had to stay still, without making the slightest noise, because, as one of the twins said, "they detect heat, noise, movement."

At dawn, Swann says he saw a fog rising over the lake. After about five minutes, the fog became neon blue. Then, the color changed to a "purple purple". Axelrod and one of the twins held one hand on Swann's shoulders while "a network of purple, red and yellow lightning flashed in all directions through the cloud." Swann said he would have jumped up if the two hadn't. in tight surroundings. He then saw, above the lake, an object, at first almost transparent, but then visible solid. It was triangular or diamond-shaped, and growing larger.

Full of terror and astonishment, Swann heard a strong, magnetic wind, moving overhead, shaking the pines so much that it caused a rain of cones and dry branches. The object then began to emit red-ruby beams, like a laser, while becoming more bulky, but remaining in the same position. At one point, one of the twins, who until then had been very quiet, exclaimed "Drace! Surrounding the area. He'll see us. ”

Exacerbated senses

As Swann was able to recall the event later, some of the red laser beams hit the pine branches and, at the same time, low frequency pulsations were heard. Axelrod whispered to Swann that the rays were probably aimed at other creatures in the forest, because they had detected the heat of some biological bodies. Then one of the twins literally lifted and dragged Swann away. With one last glance, Swann noticed the water of the lake rising, "like a waterfall flowing upward, as if it had been sucked into that car."

The four ran as fast and far as they could, choosing with scratches, small cuts and bruises. Eventually, they stopped and waited for more than thirty minutes, until one of the twins said "everything is clean." Then Axelrod asked Swann if he could "feel" something from the ship. Only now did he understand why he had been brought here. Agents believed he could provide details of what was going on at the site and could assist the government in its investigations into the UFO phenomenon.

Swann laughed, "You're crazy, Axel! In order to feel, however little, I have to be calm, relaxed, focused and in good shape ”. Eventually, however, Swann offered them the information that the ship was "a drone of a certain kind, without a pilot, controlled elsewhere." Axelrod also asked what he was doing there, to which Swann replied: "Well, he was thirsty! Take the water, obviously. Someone, somewhere needs water ... so I guess he comes and takes it. You don't have to be clairvoyant to understand this ... In essence, "they" treat the Earth like a neighborhood supermarket. "

While they were returning, Axelrod also said: "I should not tell you, but our mission will be canceled shortly, and the work will be taken over by others, for the strategic security reasons involved ..." "Others - a said Swann - who won't mess with clairvoyants anymore. "" You caught her, "Axelrod replied.

Swann last saw him at the San Jose airport in Silicon Valley and never heard from him again.

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