The rumor of the Apocalypse is heard everywhere on Earth

The mysterious sound of unknown origin recurs and puts Canadian authorities on the line. This time, the scary sound, which sounds like death or apocalypse, was heard in a forest in Alberta, Canada. Rattling noises were recorded in a video that was posted on Youtube, and is now around the world. Officially, this sound has also been heard in other parts of the globe, such as Ukraine or Moodus, USA. To date, there has been no credible explanation for the origin of the mysterious sound, but one hypothesis claims that this sound foreshadows the Apocalypse.

Described as a murmur or a bizarre trumpet sound, the noise was heard in various regions of the globe last year and frightened the locals. This is the reason why people believe that the murmur foretells the end of the world. Scientists have concluded that the noise heard over different areas of the Earth does not come from tectonic movements. A clear explanation has not yet been found.

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