The pieces of a "UFO" suddenly fell from the sky in a village in Cambodia

Residents of a small village in Cambodia have found themselves with a somewhat unusual and somewhat dangerous surprise. Last week they saw large pieces of metal simply fall from the sky. Local officials are still puzzled as to the cause, leading some to believe that extraterrestrial forces may be behind the incident.

In a statement sent to IFLScience, residents of Preah Vihear Province said they heard a loud noise around 6:00 local time. They hurried out, where they found dozens of pieces of aluminum weighing more than 40 kilograms, fragments that hit some houses causing damage within a radius of 10 kilometers. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

“I heard a loud noise early in the morning. I was scared thinking something bad had happened, "said Sok Nol, a resident of that village. “When I went out to see what happened, I saw a large piece of metal on the field and other smaller pieces around us. I thought a plane crashed, but there was no engine trace. "

The villagers gathered all the remains and took them to the police, who could not identify where they came from. Yin Chamnan, Preah Vihear's chief of police, confirmed that the pieces were assembled from the village, continuing that the regional police have not been able to identify where they came from. The case will now be handed over to a team of specialists.

“We found more than 17 fragments of aluminum and rubber fallen from the sky. We will continue the search and gather additional information from the people who witnessed the incident, ”he said.
Some believe that the remains are from a UFO

“Maybe something came from space and landed in our village. It's strange, because no one knows where they come from, ”said the villager Sok Nol.

Chamnan, however, has a different explanation: “Perhaps these fragments are part of a thief. The metal scrap was not relatively large, "he said.

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