Signs of Revelation: The strange cloud of Poland

The signs of Revelation are appearing more and more often in different places around the world. Even if the profane people challenge these signs, so clearly, no matter how intense they are, they stir up a lot of controversy.

Such a sign, in the form of a cylindrical black cloud, appeared on the sky of the city of Rybnnik in Poland. You can see the strange shape of the cloud in the accompanying photo or in the footage that was published on the internet by an amateur.

The Polish authorities claim that the cloud is in the normal phenomenon for the area in which it appeared. This dubious point of view cannot explain a phenomenon as it is because such a cloud has never been seen before. Another hypothesis claims that the cloud is just a plane left by an airplane, but no plane appears in the images.

This explanation is not plausible either because there was no plane passing through the area at that time. Controversies of the mysterious cloud continue, most claiming it is a forerunner of the Apocalypse because of the special shape and consistency of the cloud. What do you think it is?

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