Stanton Friedman was one of the world's greatest ufologists. He graduated in nuclear physics, worked in the field of aircraft construction and power plants. In 1970, he reopened the investigation into the Roswell incident, in which it was said that the UFO wreck was recovered.

Friedman supported his ideas regarding the Roswell incident, even in front of a committee of specialists, at the White House. He says it was a real incident in which a UFO collapsed and several bodies of aliens were recovered. Moreover, in 1968, he declared that our planet was visited by UFOs controlled by intelligent forces. He also argued that UFOs are magnetohydrodynamically driven.

According to his theory, UFOs come from stars similar to the Sun, which is close to our solar system. He claimed that the area would be Zeta Reticuli which was 39 light years away from Earth.

In 1996, Friedman argued that after studying documents related to the Majestic 12 project, he is confident of the assertions.

In the last decades, several documents have been published referring to extraterrestrial phenomena. Between 1951-1969 the Blue Book project was developed. De-secreted documents present information about several periods in which humanity was on the verge of an alien invasion.

Such an event occurred in 1952, when Washington airport radars captured images of mysterious objects flying over the city and even the forbidden space above the White House, Capitol and Pentagon.

The case of physicist Robert Stubaker is out of the ordinary. After working for several years in a US Army research lab, he resigns, not before telling his colleagues that he came in possession of documents about a cosmic ship of unknown origin that collapsed and was collapsed. recovered by US authorities.

Inside the ship were the bodies of several aliens who were recovered. The aliens looked like insects.

Until 1986, Stubaker lived in retirement, almost anonymously. In 1986, after years of silence, he accepted the invitation to attend a conference organized by ufologists from around the world. After making a memorable speech Stubaker disappeared without trace.

Robert Palmer headed the Bahamas Research Center. He supported the theory that in Bermuda Triangle there were energy anomalies generated by extraterrestrial phenomena. Following these statements, Plmer died as a result of an accident that occurred during an ocean dive. The cable to which he was connected was inexplicably cut.

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