Nostradamus describes how the Third World War will begin and where

Nostradamus predicted that the third world war will begin in our time and will last about 27 years. This prophecy, like all Nostradamus prophecies, does not have a fixed date for when it will happen and for this reason, there is a lot of interpretations.

There are numerous versions of the interpretations of Nostradamus' locks. Some voices have argued that the third world war should begin in 2018, but fortunately, this has not happened.

With the coming of 2019, the voices claim that this would be the year in which the great prophet saw the outbreak of world war.

Nostradamus about the Third World War

There are numerous chains in which Nostradamus described the Third World War.

    "The great war will start in France and all Europe will be attacked, it will be long and terrifying for everyone and in the end there will be peace, but only a few will enjoy it - a war will begin between the two great world powers. and it will last for 27 years ”

    wrote Nostradamus

As the translation of this booklet tells us, then we can say that World War III will start in France.

Easily and surely as he has been throughout Europe and for 27 years, people will live the worst possible horrors. Eventually, it will end, but because the planet will be devastated, few will enjoy it.

    In other verses, Nostradamus writes: "for disagreements and neglect a passage will be opened for Mohammed: by blood sunk in the earth and in the sea, the port of Marseilles will be covered by ships and sails."


And in these verses, Nostradamus informs us that France will be the first target of world war.

This time, he brings up Mohammed, which could lead us to think that this war will break out after a conflict between Muslims and Christians.

     "In the city of God, there will be a great thunder, two brothers broken by chaos as the city falls. The great leader will yield. The third great war will begin when the great city burns. "


One cannot really say what the city of God is, but the falling thunder could be a very big bomb.

When it is launched, a great world leader will cede and the great world war will take over the entire planet.

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