Edgar Cayce: Before entering the Aquarius Era, the archive room under the Sphinx will be discovered

Over time, there has been some kind of speculation about the identity of the Giza plateau. These were amplified in 2002, when it was not known for what reason, the Egyptian authorities made a surprising decision to build a huge wall around the buildings in Giza, specifically the pyramids and the Sphinx.

The unexplained wall was reinforced with 10 cm metal bars, with a height that fluctuates depending on the area. In some places it rises up to 7 meters high and in other places only 4 meters.

The wall surrounds a precise area of ​​about 8 square kilometers. The local authorities, when they started the construction of the concrete wall, said that in this way they are trying to protect the area from terrorists. This explanation is hard to digest and no one believed it.

In fact, the whole hysteria began in 2001, when a secret chamber was discovered right at the base of the Sphinx. Since then, the CIA has begun to put pressure on the Egyptian authorities to protect the "curious eye area." A well-known medium made a bizarre prediction in 2000 claiming that a crystal skull will be discovered in Egypt that will reveal to the world long lost knowledge. It is not known exactly what was discovered in the secret room, but it is certainly known that what is going on there is kept secret.

The sphinx has, over time, raised various question marks about its age. Some specialists claim that it was built 10.5000 years ago, during the time when the Sun rose from the constellation of Leo. The original sphinx was a lion but later it underwent drastic changes, because of a pharaoh who seemed to like him.

In 1933, Edgar Cayce ("The Mysteries of Atlantis Revisited") had a medium vision of the Giza site. According to him, near the Sphinx, there was a secret archive room containing the whole history of mankind. He added that a colony escaped from Atlantis, in Egypt, formed the basis of a new civilization, with the help of another from Orion.

"In the land of Egypt, in a place where it enters from the right foot of the Sphinx is the room of the archives of humanity. These archives are from the beginning when the spirit took shape and began to descend on this earth.

These include the history of all the nations on earth, the story of the final destruction of Atlantis, and the history of the construction of the initiation pyramid, with names of people, places, dates and times when these archives will be reopened.

For, before the change of the epoch ("before the change of the epoch" = before the passage to the Age of Aquarius), the truth will be revealed.

You will find these documents. But we cannot enter the underground chambers, starting from the right foot of the Sphinx, except when the time comes to an end and when the changes will occur in this phase of human existence. ”Wrote Edgar Cayce in 1933.

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