The truth about Elvis Presley's death

The death of famous artist Elvis Presley has caused the sadness of millions of fans and has given rise to much controversy as well as conspiracy theories that have tried to explain it. Numerous assumptions which, more than shocking, about his death, saw the light of day in that period and are maintained even today.

If Elvis was a CIA agent, then most people did not know this and were not aware of the implications of this. As some conspiracy theorists explain, increasing the popularity of the rock 'n' roll king was the perfect cover for building an ultra-secret base in Memphis Tennessee. It is believed that Elvis' home was transformed into a place where US secret agents met, who were engaged in international espionage. In this way, there were no people who suspected the house of a star as the place where information about the various enemies of the US at that time was collected. In order to keep the alleys in front of the house from being crowded by the cars of the secret agents, a network of underground tunnels was developed that served to access the secret base. At the death of the agent ”Presley, the government made sure the home remained in the family's possession. There are rumors that despite the large waves of tourists and nowadays secret tunnels are used.

Another lesser-known idea about Elvis Presley is that he was accused of murdering John F. Kennedy because the latter enjoyed an uncommon popularity. If this theory is true then we can't ask who killed Elvis? Some would say that behind the murder is actually John Lennon, who in turn was indirectly murdered by a perfect fan of the queen, "Michael Jackson, who closed the conspiracy by marrying Lisa Marie Presley.

The most well-known of the theories about the artist's death is that he would not have died on August 16, 1977. Very many close to the air "said that what they saw in the coffin was not Elvis's body. His nose and eyebrows were not his, they had a different shape, his hands were very soft while Elvis was very strong because he practiced martial arts. Most claimed that Elvis was not in the coffin, but a replica of him, meant to mislead the entire public as if the artist had died while he was alive. Moreover, a former girlfriend of Elvis received a red rose the day after the funeral, with a note signed El Lancelot, "her alias name for his former boyfriend, which no one knew.

But why staging his death? There are two major reasons, one is that in the last months before his death he had just lost $ 10 million from a real estate business in which the Mafia was involved. In exchange for the information offered to American justice, he was offered a new identity and thus a new life. A second reason is that his body weight prevented him from playing as well as he did in his youth, and the shows were getting weaker. Death was the most handy excuse to save a dying career.

The truth about Elvis Presley's death is far from any assumption or conspiracy theory. No one can accurately support what happened and whether the king of rock 'n' roll music really died on August 16, 1977.

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