Nations of Islam: "Jesus was a man of colour and a Muslim!"

Nations of Islam, a controversial Islamist group in the US, through the voice of its representative, Louis Farrakhan, has made a shocking statement that he wants to attract the attention of the general public at any cost.

"Why are the Jews shocked? Because they are not taught to accept that a person of color can be wise. Jesus was a man of color who said, "It is not my will but your will!" Louis Farrakhan argues.

This hypothesis issued by the representative of the Islamist movement is quite shocking. Jesus was not Orthodox, he was a Muslim! "Said Louis Farrakhan in an interview with a US publication.

As if the statement of Islamist Louis Farrakhan was not shocking enough, the man further claimed that the pairing of the black man with the Caucasian is a sacrilege. The man of color is the protector of God, while the white man ”draws him into temptation.

Based on these extremist racist ideas, Nations of Islam claims that in a relatively short period of time, US President Barak Obama will be assassinated by a Muslim to mask a larger conspiracy.

"They called President Barack Obama a racist, an anti-Semite, a socialist, a communist, a foreigner, and sometimes they even called him a terrorist. Obama really upset them. Republicans are looking for a white person. Anybody. Anybody. They want a Muslim to kill President Obama, to be used to mask a bigger conspiracy, ”believes Louis Farrakhan.

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