CABAL - Illuminati, the Unseen Elite who controls the world. They are not people!

One of the most surprising theories in the conspiracy landscape is one that was proposed and developed by the British researcher and writer David Icke, who since 1990 has dedicated himself to the search for "reptiles that control the world", or rather the Unseen Elite.

At first glance, Icke's theory may seem like an idiot, unrelated to reality, but things are much more complex than that. There are plenty of researchers who followed Icke's path and came to the same conclusion. In the first hypothesis, the theories of the British writer are extremely well structured and have an extremely solid basis.

For example, in Icke's opinion, the world is ruled by some famous figures, political but also economic spheres. All of them were named as the Unseen Elite and according to the British writer, they are not people like us all, but they are the descendants of the reptilians. They did not come by chance to the leadership of the world or too high positions, but everything happens according to a well-established plan. This plan is hidden from the eyes of the world and can only be explained by conspiracy theories.

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These dominant "lizards" are those who hold world power through the occult society of the "Illuminati" elite.

The control of the economic and political power of the world is structured by occult secret societies that are part of CABAL or CABALA, devil followers and it is something that we have known for a long time. David says that most world leaders, every social structure, such as George Bush, Rockefellers, Rothschilds and even the royal family of England, are 7-foot tall reptilian humanoids who feed mainly on blood.

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The Unseen Elite

Snake beings can transform their physical appearance, from human to reptile and vice versa, according to their liking and depending on where they are. According to an interview with David Icke, Christine Fitzgerald, a confidante of Princess Diana, says Diana discovered that the royal family is extraterrestrial reptiles and that they can change shape.

David Icke claims that 9/11 is a reptilian conspiracy to enslave mankind out of fear, with George Bush serving lizards.

David Icke's theories may be hard to grasp for some, but what is undeniable is that when presented and developed they tend to come to one conclusion: the period of transition or change that dominates the world at this time.

People started to wake up, deciding for themselves what sounds like the truth and what doesn't. We live in an era of enormous information changes, due to the advent of the Internet. People connect from all over the world to share knowledge and create change on a large scale.

The most important thing that each of us has to do during this time is to get as much information as possible and to find out the truth in terms of its capacity. In short, we are the ones who have the power to create what we want as a society. When we give ourselves the true potential, anything is possible.

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