The book of Enoch, or the Book of Heavenly Hearts, contains teachings that angels have given to the elect about the traces of the ashtrays, the relationships between them, and the laws governing them. The work is controversial for biblical reasons.

Two British scholars have restored the heavenly computer described in this book, and the result was sensational. The heavenly computer was the true copy of Sarmisegetuza's solar calendar.

The angels described in this book are called the messengers of God, and they are the ones who have broken the divine commandments, descended to earth and taken their earthly wives. The giants were born out of these unions.

Back to the biblical texts, we find the following sentence in the Old Testament. The giants were on Earth at that time, after the sons of God were united with the daughters of the men who gave birth to the giants.

Enoch was known to be a patriarch who lived before the biblical Flood. Enoch lived in heaven for 200 years, along with angels who taught him many things. Back to earth, he wrote a book like this.

Angels, the ambassadors of God, had 18 rulers on the earth, who in turn were led by a supreme ruler named Shamiza. For what they did on earth, they attracted divine wrath.

Enoch is the earthly man who had the privilege of being carried to heaven by the angels. He described the earth as a blue sphere, an image that only cosmonauts knew lately. Angel Uriel took Enoch and taught him to build the heavenly computer.

After this experience, Enoch wrote 366 manuscripts, one per year. After completion of the scriptures, Enoch was taken over by the angels and taken to heaven.

The Sky Computer is an astronomical computing device, a kind of calendar made up of piles, portals and windows arranged in concentric circles with 21 pillars in the middle, the place of observation.

The Sky Computer helps to observe the movement of the sun, the moon, and the changes through equinox and solstice. The Dacians knew and used the heavenly calendar, which was considered very accurate. The year calculated by the Dakers was 365.242197 days. In modern astronomy, the year is 365.242.198 days.

The sanctuary of Sarmisegetuza is perfectly aligned from north to south and from west to east, so that the sun's rays stream through the sanctuary once a year on December 22, when the astronomical winter begins.

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