OZ FACTOR, Mental Construction

In 1953, there were first stories about the presence of strange characters called black men in the American press. Albert Bender was a UFO study organisation director of Flying Saucer Bureau.

This organisation was famous for publishing many articles about UFOs in Space Revival. Albert Bender was the first journalist who wrote about the presence of men wearing black clothes as soon as supernatural incidents took place.

They contacted the witnesses and silenced the witnesses in various ways of intimidating. After the publication of several articles, Bender was visited by his three-man office with whom he discussed for several minutes.

His last article mentions the existence of aliens in the Antarctic. This was an explosive article which attracted the attention of both readers and experts.

After this meeting, Bender resigned from the organisation, sold the newspaper, and went to another city without much explanation. It was not until 1963 that Bender would publish a book in which he met with three characters who came from other worlds.

According to their description, the three seemed to be black suit, metallic and jerky sounds, penetrating, and the behaviour was official. The drunken was threatened to leave his investigation. Feeling the danger and pressure, the bender has disappeared for ten years.

Black people had Oriental characteristics, the face was inexperienced, matte skin, cold and hostile attitude. Often, he was advised to be a representative of the service agent and the army, the identity that came out false.

Jenny Randles is one of the most respected paranormal phenomena investigators. In 1983, he published a book called Factor Oz, in which he presented many discussions, with whom a foreign incident was seen and later seen by so-called black people.

Marines claimed that during meetings and later, they passed through the status of change of consciousness, the total feeling of separation, a feeling such that they were taken from the real world to another.

Randles says that it is about mental manipulation. Black people are travellers of another universe who have the ability to destroy themselves.

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