More than 99% of people have identical DNA

How would you react if you found your face in a painting done in the sixteenth century? You would certainly be surprised and curious about what happened to you.

A student at Temple University in Philadelphia had the surprise of his life when he visited an art museum in the city. He discovered his double in an Italian painting made in the sixteenth century. The resemblance was impressive, the hair, the eyes, the beard, the physiognomy of the face, all identical.

Curious about what was happening to him, the student tried to find out more about the painting and the author. He learned that the painter was from Italy, the country of origin of the students' grandparents.

The theory that each of us has a future world somewhere in the world has more and more followers. A study conducted in 2015 revealed that the chances of finding an identical person are very small and there is still that chance.

It has long been thought that only monozygotic twins are identical. In the world, there are only 0.35% of these births. How could this explain the existence of some landings?

More than 99% of people have identical DNA, making people with a different genetic heritage physically similar.

There are many cases where the twins are very different from the physical or mental point of view. In other cases, even if they were similar to birth, throughout life, social factors, the environment, emotional impact, eating, made a difference.

Canadian photographer Françoise Brunelle crossed the planet in search of long socks. He found 200 slices of people who had no blood. In Indonesia, he discovered the arrival of US President Obama. It is worth noting that President Obama has no Indonesian background. His mother is of European origin, and his father is of Kenyan origin.

An exceptional case occurred in 2011 when two men met on Facebook. The two were Irish and lived in two locations at a distance of 15 km. Coincidences go beyond. They had the same name, the same job, and the same dog breed.

Thousands of people claim to have discovered their arrival in a corner of the world. For those who want to discover their arrival, the Twin Strangers website was created.

The mythology of doubles dates back thousands of years. Universal types of literary works can identify more types of landings that can take the form of a bad twin. Sometimes the double can also be a person present at the same time in two different places or in two different sizes. Sometimes the double is the past and the present of the person.

A fascinating example is found in the story of Edgar Allan Poe's William Wilson. William knows a person who looks a lot like him. The difference was that he could only speak in a whisper. Because he doubled up, he decided to stab her to find out if he was stabbing himself.

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