Man, a dangerous asset

Cannibalism was first used by Christopher Columbus. In 1493, he landed in Guadalupe, where he found that locals were eating human flesh.

Over time, cannibalism has taken many forms. Exoxennibilism means eating the body from the body, while endocannabialism means that the human body is used by the male patients of the family during the tradition.

In other crops, pearls are used by gem and beer after use. It is called a relationship with the spirit of the slain. In the United States, after the birth of a baby, after birth, it was customary for women to have many vitamins and allow the mother to recover soon.

Neurosis, consumption of meat from the human body is found in many cultures around the world. It is believed that the soul of the dead has only one relation.

From a historical point of view, the first information about cannibalism is found in the Book of Enoch, where legends, angels and earthquakes were orthopedists. Homo pre-Nandrolian, Homo architects, Homo sapiens used the human body.

Later, in her work, Herodotus mentions anthropomorphic methods, in which the body of elders and the sick are formally used.

The famous explorer Marco Polo told one of his counterparts about the practice of Wahhabism in Tibet and Sumatra. In South America, those who were sacrificing during the ceremonial process became food for the participants. It was also the defeat of the prisoners of war.

Between 1918 and 1924, children were murdered by German Fritz Harman. They claimed that the product was made from meat.

Carl Dink, owner of Germany's Boarding House, has been offering humanitarian products for three years. During the Vietnam War, in 1959-1975, Vietnamese soldiers ate flesh of American soldiers' corpses.

By 1968, there were many cases of cannibalism on China because of the famine carried by China.

In 1994, Ukraine was shaken by a horrific case. Indecent chocolatiers kill many people after eating their sexual ingredients.

Over time, many instances of vampirism have emerged. After being hunted, the killer after drinking all the blood.

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