GENEZA: The first book of Moses

The Bible is full of puzzles and contradictions. The beginning begins with the creation of the earth, which is faithfully reproduced from a geological point of view. Minerals preceded the plants and plants preceded the animals.

In the first book of Moses, we encounter the phrase to make man our image and likeness. If there is a god, why is the plural spoken?

Also in this book, we find references to the sons of God who mingle among people. Who are they really? From the union of these and the earthly women, the giants emerged, the creators of gigantic constructions discovered in different parts of the world.

In another passage, we find information about two angels who warned Lot to leave the city with his family because Sodom and Gomorrah would be destroyed. The thing that happened. The two cities were destroyed after a scenario that was identical to that of a nuclear war.

Angels had extraordinary powers. Lot was advised to retire to the mountains, as it is known that the rock walls absorb the radiation.

In another text, Hezekiel describes the landing of a skycraft that had wings and made a hellish noise.
The book of books describes a technical invention, the ark of the law. The sizes, the alloy from which it was made, the position of the levers are presented. God gave the prophet instructions on how to build and transport.

Those who wore it had to wear a certain kind of clothing. Uza, one of the porters, did not follow these instructions, and when he touched the ark, he fell to the ground with lightning speed. The ark was charged with electricity.

The Ark of the Law was a kind of emitter to which Moses had become accustomed when he wanted to speak with God.

The Dead Sea manuscripts describe an incident in which the heroes were Adam and Eve, who saw the sky in the sky from which the unknown creature descended.

On the front of the Tiahuanaco Sun Gate, a labeled text has been discovered about a ship from heaven that brought the ancestor of the people to earth and gave birth to a large number of children.

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