General Emil Străinu: "Romania is a testing ground for geoclimatic weaponry"

"Our country faces these days with extreme weather phenomena: heat in the south and south-east, increased instability in other areas and torrential rains that have led to floods. These violent events of the day could be caused, according to General Emil Străinu, even by the hand of man.

We are in full yellow hedge code, valid until Friday in the south and south-east of the country, as well as in the capital. At the opposite pole, especially in mountain areas, the atmospheric instability will increase and there will be torrential clouds, electric discharge, wind intensification and, more seriously, hailstorms.

Large areas of agricultural crops have already been affected by these extreme phenomena, the damage being significant. Also, due to torrential obstructions, floods have formed that have destroyed houses and households. In Cuci commune, in Mures County, many houses were damaged by what the locals described as a tornado.

This picture shows us a Romania practically under the siege of extreme weather phenomena. A possible cause of these concerted events was given to us by General Emil Străinu. "All these phenomena can be controlled by humans. It's an old technology, from the 1950s to the 1960s, and the big powers have it at this hour. "
"The great powers pay each other their policies"

I asked General Foreigner what a connection between this technology and what is happening in our country. "Through it, the great powers pay each other their policies, without using tanks and missiles, economic war and other means. Economic wars make it destroy your crops, fruit and vegetable fields, fruit trees, vineyards.
It is a war between East and West. The first five great powers of the world are holding what is called the meteorological weapon and conducting the meteorological warfare. It's very simple. Romania, over 35-40 years, is a geoclimatic weapon test field, "General Emil Străinu told the ring.

"In 2005, the destruction of Romanian agriculture"

We went further and asked General Stranus to explain to us who and why he would want to do such an action. "Whoever has interests regulates these things somehow, so that their own interests are the ones to take priority.

Nominating someone would be a mistake. There are such forces and they use them. Approximately 10 years ago, in 2005, when large Romanian and Asian fruit and vegetable suppliers came to the Romanian market, similar phenomena occurred. The destruction of Romanian agriculture and fruit growing was desirable.

The thing is clear, "the general told us, adding that for now there are no solutions to solve this situation. "We have nothing to do, because at the decision-making level we do not have people to understand this. The file that was made in 2005 at the great floods of that time is secretive and now it is a state secret to the parliament. "
"Tornadoes will be across the country"

A phenomenon I saw only on television, the tornado, has appeared in recent years in Romania. The past days, in Cuci, in Mureş County, a violent storm, which lasted about 15 minutes, destroyed the roofs of more than 300 houses. General Strany correlated this unfortunate incident with another, more serious one, which took place a few years ago.

"When it was the first tornado, from Făcăieni, I explained that it was a tornado. At the time, I was active, and I was going to be in reserve, being accused of talking nonsense. It was not until a few years that this was recognized, and today everyone talks about tornadoes. At that time, I was the asynchronous, "said General Stran, who also gave a warning for the future. "Tornade will be across the country, all summer. That's just the beginning. "

"The summer solstice and the red moon are periodic astronomical phenomena, which have no effect on the meteorological element." Gen. Emil Străinu. "[1]

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