In 2007-2009, there were several incidents related to UFOs in Turkey, where several people were eyewitnesses. In Kumburgaz, a town near Istanbul, several UFOs have been observed to have overtaken the Marmara Sea.

Several pictures were taken and sent to a specialised institute for analysis. Based on these incidents, Mail Online produced a retrospective based on shared reports of events involving extraterrestrial forces in recent decades.

Between 1953 and 1961 President Eisenhower had three encounters with aliens. Meetings were held in the presence of FBI agents and US Army officials at the Holman military base in New Mexico. Several documents describing the three sessions have been written off. The president went to the military base with Air Force One, and the talks took place in a UFO where the president met a race of aliens called Nordic. There would have been several contracts.

After an initial meeting, the President discussed with British Prime Minister Winston Churchill the implementation of a common plan for contact with foreigners.

According to Mail Online, the White House would deliberately hide all contacts with extraterrestrials, so as not to create global chaos.

On November 7, 2011, President Obama received a signed letter from 17,000 people, including academics, who asked him to disclose information about contacts with foreigners. Unfortunately, the request was not answered.

However, Mail Online journalists have submitted a document introducing the second encounter between Eisenhower and aliens at the Edwards military base. Even more credible was the document, when Laura, the niece of President Eisenhower, published some notes of his grandfather to these meetings.

Philip Corso is the author of The Day After Roswell and reviews the great inventions of mankind. Corso believed that inventions such as microchips, lasers, fibre optics, and a range of alloys were made by retrieval techniques that came from extraterrestrials by convention or recovered from the debris of UFOs.

The massive technological leap of humanity in the last 60 years is difficult to explain as spontaneous. Important scientists support this theory. Aliens were involved in the development of humanity. Silicon Valley is a concrete example. This impressive research platform originated after the incident in Roswell, where the wreckage of a UFO was salvaged. At that point, the US authorities realized that they could afford to retrofit.

Documents released in the 1990s showed that the specialists in the MJ 12 project succeeded in decoding foreign technologies. Even the Apollo program would have been retrofitted. NAŞA would have been one of the main beneficiaries of stricter secret projects.

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