Dubai's ruler's sixth wife lost, along with Rs 271 crore

Dubai's billionaire ruler's sixth wife (Queen) has gone missing from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) about crores of rupees and both children. It is said that while leaving the house, he has taken away nearly 31 million pounds (more than Rs 271 crore). According to media reports, Shaikh's relations with Sheikh Abu Bakr, the sixth Prime Minister of UAE and Vice President (Shah) of Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, were not doing well. Initially, Queen Hya's dream of being hiding in England's capital London has been revealed.

One of the richest people in the world, Dubai's Sheikh

She is the step-sister of King Abdullah (Shah or Raja) of Jordan, now wants to divorce her husband. According to the information, leaving Dubai and wanting to settle in Germany. She has sought political asylum from the German government to stay with her children Julia (11 years) and Zayed (seven years).

In many reports, it is claimed that the princes have brought enough money with them to start a new life. They will not have to struggle with money.

Principals from Oxford have read

It has been told that the princes are quite impressed with the western countries because they studied in England's Oxford University. Since then, she had been involved in social work.

They have not seen any public programs or social media accounts since February. Before that she was quite active publicly before Her last picture in social media was on May 20.

This country has helped in removing Princess from Dubai?

According to the reports in the Arab media, German diplomats have helped in removing princes from Dubai, because it was not easy with two or two children to get out of Dubai with so much money.

In media reports, the claim is being claimed that the relations of the princes with German diplomats were already very good. In such a way, they can take help from the Embassy of Germany to get them out of the country.

The diplomatic crisis may arise in Germany and UAE

There is a possibility of a crisis at the diplomatic level between Germany and UAE to remove the princes from the country. Because of the fact that the UAE's Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum immediately asked for information from him about the German government. Rather, Sheikh has demanded that the German rulers return to their begum by talking on the phone. Germany had refused to help in this matter.

Sheikh's daughter has also tried to escape from home

Prior to the princes, Sheikh's daughter, Princess Latefa, also left the country. However, he was caught by the Indian Coast Guard near the Indian state of Goa. After this, very minor paperwork was completed and handed back to his father.

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