In 1972, the Pentagon launched the Stargate project aimed at studying psychic phenomena, particularly distance vision. The CIA soon became involved in this project, is interested in information about Mars. In this regard, the CIA hired a medium that had visions at a distance with the help of the third eye.

His visions of Mars have later proved to be extremely accurate. He described the existence of pyramids at the northern latitude of 40 degrees, the existence of crevasses, canyons, walls inside which are huge constructions.

Remote vision is defined as an extrasensory perception that allows getting information about a person, an object, a situation without using the five classical senses.

Ingo Swann is one of the first remote viewers. He became famous in the 1970s when he performed memorable experiments. Due to his extra-sensory capabilities, he was co-opted by the CIA, where he worked for more than ten years.

At the beginning of his cooperation with the CIA, he worked within the Stargate project and later worked as a trainer within the Remote Viewing Project, the main purpose of which was the terrorist activity that took place around the world.

Ingo Swann succeeded in making successful experiments across a physical barrier, the ocean. It is known that the ocean blocks electromagnetic waves. He managed to communicate with two subjects who were in a submarine in the Pacific Ocean by the power of the mind.

During the ten years of co-operation with the CIA, he has managed 28 experiments. One of these experiments took place in 1972 when a Soviet bomber collapsed somewhere in Africa. Although the Soviets searched in a vast area, they were unsuccessful. Ingo Swann was able to locate the wreck of the plane, somewhere in the Zair jungle.

US President Jimmy Carter spoke in praise about Swann's performance. After entering the trance, Swann gave all the coordinates of the area where the accident occurred.

In 1975, another experiment, a distance vision on the Moon, took place. Followed by the planets Jupiter and Saturn.

It was said that distance vision was a new era in espionage. Swann's visionaries managed to locate Soviet submarine secret military bases.

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