Agartala, the secret of Antarctica! The world is hidden under the thick layer of ice

There is a time when we must be rationally blurred and accept the inevitable truth. I am not free to divide the truth, but the one which I write may be the true test for the posterity.

This lesson is from Admiral Richard Bird who received a respectable medal for a campaign called Homeopathy in Antarctica.

On March 11, 1947, Bayer mentioned in his diary. I am in the Pentagon, where I have been waiting for more than six hours to meet my superiors. I was interviewed by high-security forces and a medical team. I brought a top-notch leader, proof from the master and a message. Because I am an army, therefore I have to respect the order not to disclose what happened during the operation.

Ag art, Antarctic Mysteries

For thousands of years, there are legends about the underground city, Agatha. Entering the mysterious city is at two poles, in Tibet and under the Great Pyramid of Egypt.

Empty earth theory is several thousand years old. It is the assumption that the earth is not a solid area, but inside there is a polar space that communicates with two poles. Later, Christopher Columbus claimed that all water was swept away for the opening of two poles.

According to this principle, the interior of the planet is settled by Atlantis, which survives the catastrophe in which Atlantis disappeared. Atlantis has taken refuge in the underground, concealed from the planet's surface, catastrophic or war hazards. Australian desert, Sahara, Gobi is on the verge of extinction of mass destruction.

Famous mathematician Edmund Halley claimed that the difference in the magnetic field is due to the fact that there are four concentration areas within the planet, each with its own magnetic field. He maintained the existence of a bright atmosphere in the earth, which produces a boring atmosphere.

In the nineteenth century, the theory was taken and developed by John Sims, who tried to collect money to organize a campaign for the North Pole, where he was convinced that there was an inauguration Used to lead. Unfortunately, he died before completing his dream.

In 2001, two Australian researchers published Terra without a horizon, claiming that the Earth was empty and was in the phase of expansion. The balance of the planet is ensured by a small sun which fills the radiation coming from the surface of the planet.

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