Those who find themselves filled with anger, envy, and nerves towards other people shall suffer not only mental illness but even cancer

Dr Lazarev says from practice that you have serious psychological consequences when you utter a curse, defamation, blasphemy or poisoned gossip. And not only psychologically. The mental toxin produced by the theft of "Theta" from anger, envy and slander creates microseconds that are painless and imperceptible, but by accumulation produce either degenerative dementia or functional blockage or cancer.

The one who develops slanderous scenarios, or the freak who spreads them, suffer micro-leasing in the brain. Similarly, mania, insult, envy, rumination of poisoned thoughts produce micro-leaks in the brain. They do not miss (because the brain does not hurt, as neurosurgeons say); However, cumulation over time creates degenerative dementia in these microsequencers. Thus, among us are people who think they are normal, but because of the hate and nervousness due to the cumulative micro solution of the brain have an ever lower intelligence rate. They are not psychologically damaged enough to be hospitalized, but they are victims of degenerative mute. And so they are bad about family or social relationships. What should I do? The sage will understand.

Crestinismial urges us to pray for our enemies. The persecuted to pray for the persecutors. Ruga dissolves the psychic poison of the persecution. The Holy Fathers say, "Consider blasphemy as praise, and praise it as a hooligan, and then you are truly an improved man." But can we be so calm that we regard blasphemy as praise?

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