The destruction of the great library of Alexandria is considered one of the greatest losses of antiquity. More than one million documents were lost from Persia, Egypt, Greece and India. No trace of this catastrophe was discovered, except for some documents that describe the unfortunate event.

Alexandria was one of the greatest cities of antiquity, built during the reign of Alexander the Great. After his death in 323 BC, the decline of Egypt began.

According to some ancient texts, there are several variants in the destruction of the library. A first variant refers to Julio César, who ordered the destruction of the building. Two other variants refer to Muslims or even to Christians who have decided to destroy the library.

In the year 48, Julius Caesar was followed by Pompey in Egypt. To destroy the Egyptian fleet, Caesar ordered the burning of all ships in Alexandria. They say that the fire was so powerful that it spread through the city. Among the destroyed buildings was the famous library.

The library had very strict rules, and at the beginning, it was not open to the public. The sovereigns of Ptolemy were known for their anger at collecting documents. Ptolemy II asked all travellers to come to Egypt to declare the manuscripts they had in them. In addition, the documents were copied and their owners only received copies, the originals were kept in the famous library.

The classic Greek works, the great collection of the Attalites, which consisted of 200,000 volumes, were purchased. Another version of the destruction of the library states that the same Christians destroyed the library during the conflicts they had with the Jews.

It seems that the Muslims would not have been strangers to this destruction, because they did not look good in this huge collection of texts.

When Julius Caesar arrived in Egypt, the library had more than 700,000 volumes. Many began to fear the information that some texts gave about the existence of a civilization called Apkallus, fish-like beings that would have brought to people the first scientific knowledge.

Other texts belonged to Thoth, who had the supreme secrets of the world. Other texts presented the secrets of alchemy, the way in which iron became gold. Using these techniques, some became rich overnight.

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