John is a young American who was the hero of an event difficult to explain. The young man was passionate about motorcycling, a passion that could have been fatal. In 2018, he suffered a serious accident that resulted in an imminent death experience.

The Near Death Experience Research Foundation presented his case in an article published in a US magazine. After having suffered a heavy blow, John told an impressive story, whose subject it was.

John claims to have teleport-ed to a desert he described in detail. He was received by the dead, members of his family.

In many religions, initiates and spiritual teachers agree that the astral body is an intermediary between the physical body and the spiritual consciousness of every human being. The astral body should not be confused with the soul of the deceased who leaves the body without life. The astral body is sometimes visible in the form of an aura of colour that is visible only to those who have opened the third eye.

They say that the astral universe is the second plane of our existence, above it the supreme dimension. The astral plane has no connection with planets, stars or other celestial bodies. Initiates can see in their minds the multitude of spirits that surround us in an invisible world.

Over time, humanity has been concerned with the world beyond astral travel. The subdivisions of the astral plane have an incredible variety of sky to hell. Hindu sacred texts describe incredible extremes that are formed according to the level of vibration of the entities that populate them.

In the 19th century, the Society for Metaphysical Research was created. People have realised the phenomenon of astral division, the moment when the consciousness leaves the physical body to command the worlds of the astral plane.

Those who have been able to make astral journeys enter an intermediate state where the front charades open up. The body remains in a coma and the soul begins its journey, as much as the silver cord allows, the connection between the navel of the physical body and the astral body.

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