In July 1973, Bruce Lee was 32, he was one of the best martial artists and a charismatic actor. July 20 should be the last day in the life of the famous actor. The cause of death was autopsy brain oedema. Around his death, however, many speculations were made.

Lee Jun Fan, Bruce Lee, was born in San Francisco when his mother was on tour in the US. Shortly after birth, the parents return to Hong Kong, where Bruce Lee begins martial arts lessons from childhood.

At 18, he returns to the US to study philosophy and acting. To earn a living, he offered martial arts classes. Among his students was the famous actor Steve McQueen.

He tries to get closer to the world of American film, but being Asian was a serious obstacle to making a career. The film Enter the Dragon would pave the way for brilliant success. The film was shot in Hong Kong and was a great success in the US.

Bruce Lee was recognised for his healthy lifestyle as he ate a lot of vegetables, fruit and exercise every day. Bruce Lee, however, has begun to get cramps and headaches.

On July 20, 1973, Bruce Lee was in Hong Kong, where he met the actor George Lazenby. It was the last talk about a new movie, Game of Death. At the end of the meeting, Bruce Lee and actor Raymond Chow walked to the home of actress Betty Ting Pei, Bruce Lee's lover.

Because she had a headache, the actress gave her a painkiller. Bruce Lee retires to the bedroom to rest. A few hours later, Betty goes into the bedroom, where she finds him unconscious. She is taken to the hospital and dies a few hours later.

Bruce Lee's wife asked for an autopsy of the body. Doctors report the cause of death of brain oedema, but also strong traces of marijuana and a very powerful drug.

Immediately after his death, many speculations and conspiracy theories surfaced. Some said steroids were the cause of death. Others said that the participation of a Hong Kong group called Triad, especially since Betty, her lover, would later marry a member of this group.

Lee's family drama wanted to go on, even speak a curse. On March 31, 1993, his son Brandon died on the film set of The Crow. Brandon was initiated at the age of four by his father in Jeet Kune Do, Karate, Jujitsu, Kickboxing.

Because he was a talented young man, Brandon followed the drama and the directors regarded him as the future star of American film. The Crow was his last movie, in which he played the role of a hero, Eric Draven, who is reborn after the reincarnation thanks to a raven to avenge the death of his lover.

While he was playing a scene from the movie, he was shot. The bullets had to be blind, but someone changed them, and the young man's death was real and impatient. Revenge or curse?

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