In the last decades, thousands of Sumerian texts have been discovered in Iraq, the cradle of Mesopotamian civilisation. The translation of these texts was made by scientists from all over the world and revealed incredible details about the creation of mankind.

In 1960, Erich von Daniken presented the theory that God and angels were the old astronauts who came to Earth to create people and help them evolve. Later, other discoveries have led many researchers to support this theory.

Daniken claims that biblical texts were written 1300 years before the birth of Jesus. In his view, the New Testament is a copy of the Sumerian texts, which are an invaluable source of information on the creation and evolution of mankind.

In the Sumerian texts, there is information on the creation of the Universe, 13.7 billion years ago, and the Earth has now formed 4.54 billion years. Scientists, through the studies they have carried out, have determined that these statements are as correct as possible.

According to the Sumerian texts, Earth or Tiamat, it has now formed 4.5 billion years. Tiamat entered a collision with a celestial body called Marduk, after which the Moon was formed.

At first, there was a single continent, which later divided into seven continents. And this time, the information in the Sumerian texts proved to be correct. Sumerian history of the creation includes the description of a planet called Nibiru that performs a complete rotation movement around the Sun, every 3600 years, and 500,000 years ago, the atmosphere of Nibiru was destroyed by a cosmic cataclysm.

Sumerian history of creation describes the great amounts of gold on Earth that attracted Anunnaki, the mysterious visitors coming from planet Nibiru. Once they came to Earth, they began to extract gold from the oceans. Because the extraction process was very slow, the extractions started in me.

In order to carry gold more easily on Nibiru, they made a base on Mars, where gravity is inferior to Earth, and the takeover was done with lower energy. Because they needed the workforce, Anunnaki decided to create a new species resistant to gross labour by manipulating the DNA of a humanoid species with their own DNA. Reproduction took place in an area called Eden. This is how man formed the theory presented by the Sumerian texts.

We mention that DNA was identified in 1860 by Swiss chemist Friedrich Miescher. It is incomprehensible that the Sumerians had knowledge of DNA thousands of years ago.

The Sumerian texts present the first man as being called Adamu. Much later, the name of the first man, Adam, is found in biblical texts. Moreover, the Sumerian texts describe a flood that devastated the planet and which was generated by the appearance in our solar system of a large object with enormous gravitational force. The texts referred to the planet Nibiru.

Enki, the creator of humanity, warned Ziusudra of what was going to happen. Enki took DNA samples from all of Ziusudra's family to save the human species. In the Bible, Ziusudra identifies himself with Noah.

Many specialists believe that the Bible is a simple copy of Sumerian texts. On the other hand, the Church rejects this theory. We, humans, are somewhere in the middle of a dispute that, if real, changes the history of mankind. Many support the slogan, believe and do not research.

Maybe it's the wisest approach. Otherwise, the system and all the rules imposed by it will collapse.

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