10 major mistakes from Android phone users

Android Mistakes: Most people in the world use Android phones. You will know this thing, but what are the mistakes of Android mobile users? Very few people know about it. Due to Android Mistakes, Android users have to face many problems. So let's know, 10 major mistakes from smartphone users, how to avoid making mistakes on your Android phone, 10 great ways.

Nowadays smartphones have become so smart that they need the training to run. People running smartphones are also very smart. Most of the users know everything about their mobile device through the Internet.

How To Play Android Phone? How to take care of Android phones? Despite knowing about, Android phone users forget some basic things and do such mistakes, due to which they have to suffer a lot.

Here we are telling you about the 10th largest Android Mistakes.

All Android Phone Users Make These 10 Big Mistakes, You Never Ever

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1. Download/install app from anywhere

Android phone has the option of downloading and installing a third party app other than Google Play Store. You can install third party apps by enabling Unknown Source option in the Android phone's security settings.

It is dangerous to download an APK file from any web link, Bluetooth or share and install it in your phone. This can cause viruses and malware on your phone.

How to Avoid This Issue:

The only way to avoid this problem is to turn off the unique source option in your phone's settings and never download and install third-party apps.

2. Charging the battery wrongly

There is a right way to charge a mobile battery, which is very few people know about it. Most people do not charge their mobile battery properly.

The battery is exploited by wrongly charging the mobile phone's battery. From this, it lasts for a short time and gets spoiled before time.

How to avoid this problem:

Never charge a mobile battery of 100% and never let the phone's battery be 0% Low. This makes the phone battery worse. Mobile phone battery should always be 20% to 80%

3. Using fake mobile accessories

Most smartphone users fall into cheap and use fake accessories (such as charger, USB, battery, connector, etc.) instead of original accessories.

Using local accessories does not have an immediate effect on the phone, but only after a time, your phone removes bankruptcy.

How to Avoid The Problem:

Very good and straightforward remedies, stop using fake accessories for your phone.

4. Deteriorating the battery charging cycle

Whichever Android phone is, its battery has a charging cycle. Most Android users mess with it and charge mobile whenever it is in charge.

If you remove your phone immediately after charging it, even if the phone is not charged but one charging cycle is completed. Immediately after charging in charging, there is a bad effect on the battery.

How to Avoid This Trouble:

Whenever you charge your mobile phone, let it be charged for some time. Do not immediately remove the mobile charging after putting it, this causes the battery of the mobile phone to be quickly damaged.

5. Do not update mobile OS and Apps

Android smartphone's man software needs to update from time to time, operating system (OS) and application (Apps). This strengthens the phone security.

But most users do not update their mobile operating system and apps because of low memory space and because of the loss of internet data.

How to Avoid The Problem:

There are a lot of simple solutions, please update your phone's operating system and all its apps periodically. This will increase your phone's security and age.

6. Using the other charger

Most of the mobiles make this mistake, which charges their Android phone to anyone's mobile charger. Regardless of whether it is in any company

By doing this, not only does the mobile battery have a bad effect, but the phone also has problems. Maybe whatever you are demanding is bad.

How to save with this problem:

Always charge your phone with the same charger. If the charger with your phone is damaged, then use the same charger for the same company.

7. Faster use of free WiFi

Often you may have seen that if people get free wifi then they do not think anything, they simply start using it without thought.

Many people start downloading video songs, movies and software with the help of Free Wi-Fi in the wake of the Internet data saving so that the band of their phone can ring. Because the problem of viruses is high in free WiFi.

How to survive:

Never use free WiFi. If you do too, then think and think. Here's information on how to use free WiFi, how to use free WiFi?

8. Always keep Bluetooth on and off

Most people forget about Bluetooth on their smartphones. People forget to turn off Bluetooth after transferring data from one another to another, and some people do not pay attention to it.

Let me tell you that the loan through Bluetooth can easily access your mobile. That is, if your mobile's Bluetooth is on, then your phone can be easily hacked.

How to Avoid The Problem:

First thing you do not transfer files from someone's phone via Bluetooth. Because of this, the viruses of his mobile are coming to your mobile. Secondly, if you do, then turn off Bluetooth immediately.

9. Allow unread app permissions

Keeping more and more one on the phone has become commonplace. Some people download and install an unknown app and do not even read them while granting permission.

While applying for the permissions, it is not even worth seeing which app is asking for permissions. Some apps ask for permissions to control the phone's memory, data, messages, camera, and OS.

How to Avoid The Problem:

Do not give permission to Android Apps without seeing or running. Otherwise, you may have to face a lot of trouble. Because this hacker can misuse your mobile by hacking it.

10. Ignoring the phone's security

A mobile phone is something that always stays with us and it contains many things along with our personal information. But some people do not care about the security of the phone.

Nowadays, smartphones have become hi-tech and offer new features to secure the phone's security. As you can secure your phone via password, pattern, fingerprint and app lock.

But still, most people do not pay attention to mobile security and use the same password for most apps. Some people do not even use the veteran and fingerprint.

With this, if your phone is lost, your phone will take someone else who can use your personal data to transfer or misuse your phone without your permission.

How to Avoid This Issue:

Always lock your phone with pattern and fingerprint. The app you do not want anyone else to see keeps it by people. Especially keep the memory app lock.

This was the 10 biggest mistakes Android Phone Users made Apart from these, Android phone users also make all the mistakes that we will talk about later.

But these mistakes are the biggest and you should never do this Android Mistakes. Especially avoid the mistakes of downloading third-party apps and ignoring mobile security.

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