When Akshay Kumar asked PM Modi - how much money is there in your Bank account

These days, the meeting of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar are the most discussed. In this meeting, Akshay Kumar asked several questions related to PM Modi's everyday life. In such a way, he has answered the answers in a very interesting way. So let us ask you five questions and answers from Akshay Kumar.

Akshay Kumar asked, do not you mind that your mother, your brother, all your relatives stay at home with you? Modiji's answer- "I have left all my stuff at a very young age." My mother says that why do you waste time behind me, I will stay in the village, talk to the people there, mother also sees That's how busy the schedule is. "

When we met for the first time I had told you two jokes. You had also told one. Is your humor the same after becoming a PM, or have you become stiff? The answer to this is- "There is a way of doing work, you can not influence anyone by lying. I like playing with words. Now things can be misinterpreted, I'm afraid to say something And because of the TRP, wrong means can be taken out, I refrain, but friends have to laugh. "

When you came out as a Gujarat CM, your bank account had 21 lakh rupees. In such a case it came to hear that you had given your money to the daughters of the staff. So can you tell today how much money is currently in your account? Responding to this, Modi ji explains that "before becoming a legislator, he had no bank account, his bank account was opened only after becoming a legislator, all his stuff used to be seen by his staff, I need no money. And so I gave some money to the names of the daughters of my secretary and peon. "

Then Akshay Kumar asks that Gujarati people pay great attention to saving money. You are also a Gujarati, but you have donated everything to you. On this, Modi ji explains that, "Years ago, he used to walk in the railway tracks in simple clothes, once he was walking in Pune, an auto driver was also slowly walking with him. And they asked him if your auto rickshaw got spoiled? He told me that you will not sit in auto? Are you a socialist? On this I told him that I am an Ahmedabad.

Then Akshay Kumar speaks that when I get angry, then I get boxed or screamed by going to the side of the ocean. What do you do in this condition? Modiji's answer- "I have learned to suppress negativity with good things in my 20 to 22 years of training. I have not had the opportunity to get angry till now. If anger comes from inside then I do not express it because it Damages. "

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