This is the Avengers: Top Gamers of Endgame, the most expensive artist, know who has the highest fees

World's Most Untested Film Avengers: Endgame is finally going to be released now. By the way, it can be the world's highest grossing film and today we will tell about the top 5 most expensive actors of the film, which is something like this.

Mark Raphaello:

In Marvel's films, he plays Bruce Banner aka Superhero Hulk. He has an important role in Endgame, and for this he has received a fee of US $ 12 million. According to Indian currency, it is Rs. 84 crores.

Chris Evans:

This is the fourth most expensive actor of AndGame. In the movies, this Captain plays Steve Rogers aka Captain America. He has received a $ 18 million (Rs 126 crore) fee for working in the endgame.

Scarlet Johnson:

In the movies, it plays Natasha aka Black Widow. You might be surprised to know that Scarlett always takes more fees than Chris Evans and Mark Raphaello. For the movie AndGame, he has taken 24 million dollars (165 crores) fee.

Chris Hemsworth:

Chris Hemsworth Marvel is the second most expensive actor in the cinema. In films, it appears in Thor's character. He has $ 33 million in fees to appear in the endgame. It is close to Rs 231 crore.

Robert Downey Jr.:

Robert Downey is the most expensive actor in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the movies, this superhero plays the role of Iron Man aka Tony Stark. They have taken a fee of 55 million dollars (380 crores) to play this character well and to work in the endgame.

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