The mystery of weird mummies discovered in a London house! Are they extraterrestrial?

In 2006, the London authorities approved the demolition of a house owned by Lord Thomas Theodore Merrylin. In the basement of the setting up, 5000 sealed wooden packing containers were discovered.

Merrylin was developed in 1782. After his mother died, Father Edward cullen took care of the education of the child. When he was 16, Merrylin's father withdrew from the military services and followed a career in crypto-anthropology. Merrylin and his dad have traversed the world pertaining to 20 years in search of new kinds.

After his father's loss of life, Merrylin retires from general population life and begins to analyze unconventional zoology. He had a seemingly endless youth. When justin was 80, she looks as though she were 40 years outdated. Many accused him of black magic.

Over the years, he previously managed to collect an impressive number of creatures that some of them deemed blasphemous.

In 1942, the director of an orphanage working in london receives a letter asserting that a mansion, an old Merrylin house, was donated to the orphanage.

There were two circumstances in the donation act. The first was that the cellar would remain closed, as well as the second condition required that the exact property be never sold.

Till 1960, the building was used while an orphanage, after which this entered the administration with the London authorities. In 2006, home is bought by a property developer who decides to demolish it.

In the basements of the building, 5000 solid wood boxes were discovered, in which were perfectly preserved with no treatment creatures, Homo vampyrus, Homo lupus, Draco alatus, literature about a species of beings named the old ones.

Artefacts are thought by experts to be important. Creatures such as Homo laupus were discovered in Scandinavia in 1820 and described as wolf-like creatures, their body protected with fur, strong paws, and very aggressive.

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