The Dacians, our ancestry and family history, remains a mysterious civilisation about which in turn we know too few truths. Historians have determined over 300 ancient creators who refer to their writings to our ancestors, the Dacians.

Many of these articles have been ruined since antiquity. Writings have been burnt or damaged with libraries or choices over time. Because of this, conspiracy hypotheses appeared.

The Dacians assumed immortal due to Zamolxis god. As Herodotus had written, on their behalf, death was a mere passage into another world. In the fifth yr, the Dacians brought forfeit to the goodness. The one picked for sacrifice was thrown at the top of spears. If he did not die he was bullied by the whole community, he was considered a great enemy.

Herodotus portrayed Zamolxis as a disciple of Pythagoras in his documents. He was the sensible who descended into a cavern where he remained away from the world for three years. They believed him dead, but in the fourth yr, he emerged to the surface. Herodotus considered if Zamolxis was a man or a fin.

The Greek philosopher Plato manufactured a description of a disciple of a student of Zamolxis who regarded him the king, each of our god. Plato described the healing ritual of the eyes that began with the head, and the body was healed according to the head and the soul.

As time passes, people have learned that any beginning comes with an end. Death is the finish of the adventure. For Christians, death is definitely beyond everlasting. Loss of life is a stage where you are no more a person, you become a nature.

According to the New Testament, Christian believers believe that the dead goes to Hades, which has two areas, one to get righteous, and a single for the unbelievers. Each of our etheric human body goes up to heaven, like Jesus.

To get the Hindus, death means reincarnation, the repetition of life. Reincarnation explains the diversity of people we are in the world. It explains the variations between the wise and the unwise, points out the inequalities, the actual fact from young and old, points out the sensation of guru.

For Hinduism, the soul is endless. He survives your body because it existed before the body was born. In Buddhist beliefs, each person reborn a few times and goes through different types of living. The quality of life is given by Karma, what you did in an earlier life.

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