First, there is a civilisation called primordial on our world that is accountable for the linguistic, cultural, ethnological and religious similarities which have manifested in the following civilisations, you start with the Sumerians, the Babylonians, the Mayas, the Incas, the Egyptians, the Indians.

The Incas Wall space, the Pyramids, the Archaic Statues, and the Ringo Personas all share the same source that originates from a historical civilisation. This theory is backed by Charles Berlitz in his publication The 8th Continent, the cradle of most civilisations.

The megalith civilisation in Malta is the oldest in the Mediterranean, with an increase of than 8,000 years. Research has shown a striking similarity to pre-Colombian civilisations in the procedure and construction of pyramids, walls, and cities.

Evidently, these civilisations never have interacted, yet they have the same way to obtain an education. The top rock circles are located in the Celts, in the so-called Bermuda Triangle, in the bottom of the sea, however in the Dacians also.

Solar religion was a bond between these civilisations. Who and exactly how have these monotheistic religious beliefs offered throughout the global world? Many of these civilisations acquired solid astronomical knowledge. They used calendars predicated on the motion of the moon and sunlight, the positioning was known by them of the stars, but also the lifestyle of the magnetic field and its own use as a power source.

For these civilisations, the planet earth was an enormous magnet surrounded by a field whose energy was used to move thousands of a great deal of rock.

The initial civilisation was that of the initiates who lived on the mystical continent. Mu mysteriously disappeared. Survivors of the disaster emigrated to various corners of the global world, where in fact the foundation was laid by them for other civilisations.

In 1927, Sir John Marshall, after an expedition to the Indus Valley, wrote similarities that can't be explained between Mohenjo Dâro and Egyptian civilisation. Increasingly more research workers support the idea that Mohenjo Dâro was demolished after a nuclear war.

After a large number of years, radioactivity in your community is well above the standard limit. The uncovered skeletons have an unusual position as though defending themselves with a damaging force. Old Indian texts explain a destructive battle going on between flames flying from the fire.

In Iraq in 1947, vast stretches of enamelled rocks and strata were discovered in the desert area, comparable to those in the brand new Mexico desert created by nuclear bomb testing.

The Rongo tablets found out on Easter Island show drawings where people dive into the water and breathe with a U-shaped tube. Similar drawings were uncovered in India.

It is definitely thought that the statues of Easter Island are unique in the global world. In Australia, similar statues were discovered, that have been carved with the same technique.

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