Lady of Mali - a 12,000-year-old statue carved in the mountains

Professor Angelo Pitoni discovered a special stone in a diamond mine in 1990 in Sierra Leone, West Africa. This is the stone of heaven. Several specialists who have analysed the stone have come to the conclusion that it has a strange composition, which contains pure oxygen, and the colour is given by an unknown agent.

Angelo Pitoni is a geologist, a botanist and an agronomist. He was the one who discovered the ancient emerald and gold mines in the area and the one who claims that they belonged to a mysterious civilisation.

During explorations in Sierra Leone, he discovered something unusual, an old sculpture that can be a remnant of a very ancient African civilisation.

Lady of Mali

At the border between Sierra Leone and Mali, Pitoni discovered an ancient sculpture of a woman in a mountain. With a height of 1500 meters, a figure of a woman outlines Mount Lour.

After a careful inspection and analysis, Pitoni concluded that this is a 12,000-year-old man-made sculpture.

In an interview with journalist Carmen Machado, Pitoni said the statue is in the north of Conakry, on the Mali border. The geologist estimates his age, about 12,000 years. In this area there are also caves with mummies, guarded by locals who said they belong to their ancestors.

Professor Pitoni died in 2009 and took with him many secrets he discovered in this mystical area, but he unfortunately took it with him into the world of the righteous.

Lady of Mali is a controversial discovery that will keep busy researchers because no one can tell who has done it and for what purpose.

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