In early April, the Everest climb season began. Already eight people have passed away, not because of the ascent, but because of the agglomeration on the path to the summit of Everest.

You can find huge snakes of climbers waiting in a terrible cold to reach the top of Everest.

Everest remains difficult for those adrenaline fans. Some return home, sadly, others never end. The former Foreign Minister of Nepal was 82 years old in 2011. He tried to break the record of the oldest man who reached the summit of Everest. It just arrived to the first camp in which he died.

One of the biggest hazards for climbers are the snow blocks, which can be solved anytime. In 1982, a block of glaciers the size of a six-story building collapsed and more climbers passed away.

There have been cases where some climbers have decided to climb Everest in an atypical mode. The Swede Tomas Olsson decided to put Everest on his skis. It was a decision that would cost his life. He fell from several thousand meters high into space and his body could not be recovered.

22-year-old Marco Siffredi made a decision to put Everest on a snowboard. He died under tragic conditions. Many climbers passed away of cold weather. On Everest, there are hundreds of physiques that cannot be recovered due to the difficult transport conditions.

Sherpa Namgyal entered the reserve of records as he escalated Everest ten times. The tenth escalation was lethal to him. At an altitude of 8000 meters, the heart offered it away.

There is only one access road to the summit of Everest, and delays caused by overcrowding can be deadly. The last sufferer of Everest is a Briton who died of exhaustion and insufficient air.

The explanation for the suppression in top of the price segment was the fact that the Nepalese authorities issued a top license to almost 400 persons, who paid 11,000 euros for the privilege of being able to go down in history or die.

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