DARPA is a division within the Pentagon. Among the latest tasks that have been co-opted by specialists concerns the control of weaponry with the aid of your brain. The task intends for connecting the human brain to cutting-edge technology.

This year 2010, Berkeley University specialists had the first success. They captured visible activity in the mind, by means of digital video images documented on a screen. A brain user interface system has been created which allows a person called a sender to impact the decisions of someone else called the recipient.

This technique is named N3 NeuroTechnology that creates a neural interface without surgery and by making use of implanted electrodes. DARPA spent huge amounts on projects which have transformed the development of mankind. Gps navigation, the Global Placement System wouldn't normally have been achieved with no financing of five satellites that created the first satellite television navigation system.

Another spectacular task was that of the antisubmarine drones without team up to speed. The monitoring and control of the displacement of the drones were carried out from the shoreline through sensors.

Another project that appears to be detached from SF situations is the creation of a smooth and easy exoskeleton that protects the legs, hips, shoulders and backs of soldiers who've to bear the weight of some suits or weapons.

The Dragon Desire Airborne is a flying device with a size doubly small as that of an airship. On take-off, a mass is reached by it of 500 tons. In comparison, the best performance of the armed service transport dispatch can reach 351 tonnes at take-off.

DARPA specialists will work on another spectacular task. The hypersonic plane must reach a velocity of 20,000 km / h. Two assessments have been completed in this respect. Probably one of the most fantastic tasks is that of self-repairing homes. They are constructed of living materials that grow independently.

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