A slap on the Vatican! The Orthodox Cathedral in Bulgaria banned priests from praying alongside the Pope

Pope Francis began his visit to Bulgaria, and one of the first information he sent to the Bulgarians was that they will open the hearts and houses meant for immigrants, arguing a nation like Getaway, losing its people through emigration, would have to understand the forces that lead people to leave their native countries, Radio Absolutely free Europe records.

Pope Francis arrived in Bulgaria on May 5th to meet with the members of the small Catholic community in that country, as well as to go to a refugee center on the outskirts of Sofia.

The Pontiff sovereign searches for to build solid relationships between the Orthodox as well as the Catholic organizations of Christianity. In February 2016 he met in Cuba with Patriarch Kiril, the head of the Russian Orthodox  Church , and a  trip to  Romania between May 31 and June 2.

But the Holy Synod of the Bulgarian Orthodox Religious organization declined the probability of organizing products and services and praying alongside Papas Francis.

" We want to point out that any kind of form of liturgical service or joint prayer is unacceptable to us because the omg canons do not allow us to do so, " the Holy Synod announced before the Pope got here.

Pope Francis and the Vatican hoped within a public marketplace in Sofia to organize a "common prayer for peace " on, may 6, nonetheless this would not really be practical.

The Orthodox Cathedral will only send a children's refrain to the event. Instead, one of the Muslim leaders in Sofia will attend  the function .

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