Nibiru is an apocalyptic planet

Nibiru is usually an apocalyptic planet, which can be the cause of many catastrophes made on Earth. The statement is American scientists who declare that the planet produces monstrous gravitational waves that trigger earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis. Problems produced by Nibiru are provided in Sumerian texts, although also in the Bible.

Nibiru is an apocalyptic planet
Nibiru is an apocalyptic planet

NATIONAL AERONAUTICS AND SPACE ADMINISTRATION (NASA) has admitted in an affirmation that at the limit of the solar system there is evidence there is a super-Earth. In the Babylonian language, Nibiru means the passing planet. The historical cuneiform texts mention the presence of a race of creatures called Anunnaki, who originate from a planet called Nibiru.

As for the positioning around the planet Nibiru, there are several hypotheses. A lot of specialists claim to be lurking behind Pluto, which would trigger anomalies in the orbits with the planets Neptune and Uranus. An unseen body applies a force of fascination between the two planets.

Inside the period 2017-2018, there were a lot of phenomena that were said to have been completely generated by the mysterious entire world. We are talking about the initial of volcanoes, the happening of powerful earthquakes, out of this world falls, unusual sounds developing in the cosmos, unusual signals that colour the heavens.

Brad Carter is a tutor at Queensland University, Down under, and is the first consultant to discuss in 2011 that a second sun will be visible while flying. The news was published resulting from the discovery of a body system with the help of the Kepler dish and at a distance of 2000 light years via Earth.

The body was named Kepler 11 and it had been estimated that it was formed 15 billion years ago. Three on the planets orbiting around Kepler 11 are made up of rocks and the possibility of water. He was informed that Kepler 11 is definitely Nibiru, the reptilian sunlight.

In 2017, in the sky in Slovakia, China, Peru, The united kingdom, Russia, Canada a strange happening was observed, the appearance of the second sun. After this event shortly, disorderly movements and collisions had been observed in the Kuiper seat-belt.

Nibiru is said to be at the limit of a star and a planet and is also called the wandering star. In 1983, NAŞA recognised her existence officially.

Nibiru is the vagabond planet and is associated with decimation. On account of its occurrence, there were several abnormalities in our solar-system, such as the Uranus trajectory, Pluto's colour change, changing the form of the Saturn rings, or perhaps increasing the magnitude from the solar magnetic field.

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