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Promoting the product through video clips has become an increasingly popular way of using online entrepreneurs in recent years. With a product image you can get the desired impact on your potential customers much faster. What should you do to make quality video clips for your products?

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1. Movies about how the product is used

Product appearance is important, but the customer wants to see how it can be used. For example, if you sell running shoes, it is important to show which material you are doing, the elements that distinguish you from other brands, but at the same time create a motion video with a person doing physical exercise at the park or in a gym.

2. Mark the good parts of the product

The customer wants to quickly find out what is extra. However, try not to lose yourself in detail, suggest the product within 1 minute. Studies show that the first minute is the most important and that more than 45% of viewers will abandon it after 1 minute.

3. Turn the product

Consumers want to see the product from different angles and at different distances. The easiest way to give them all the details they need is to create a 360 degree rotating video.

4. Engage existing clients to make a video clip

If you shoot more frames with some of your clients or make a click that your customers use the product, this type of video is always successful. A British music group made official video of a new part just with photos modified on Instagram by their fans. The client quickly gathered a few million views, present on some profile blogs.

5. Optimise the title and description of the video clip

The purpose of a video is found by as many people as possible. If you made a quality video, don't forget to add keywords to the title and description. After all, depending on the title and description, your video will be found on YouTube.

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