Kunik Is it true that the Eskimos Kiss their Nose?

The kinship of the Eskimos. Everyone knows that of all the tendencies in the earth, the kiss is especially of the peoples of the polar region. It is said that they are kissing by touching their nose. Is this true?

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The peoples living in the polar region are called Eskimos. The total number of Eskimos in the polar regions is about 175,000, of which 50,000 live in Greenland and about the same number in northern Canada.

The myth of the Eskimo kiss has a trace of truth. As a sign of affection, they rub their nose with each other. They say they do this because if they kiss normally they could freeze saliva because they live in very cold. Almost -40 degrees Celsius.

This kind of kiss is called "kunik" and is, in fact, a kind of hatred between family members, such as parents or children. "Kunik" does not actually have anything to do with kissing, and it's rather a non-erotic act by which the close person smells his cheeks and hair.

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