What would happen if the cockroaches disappeared?

Cockroaches. Who does the kitchen roaches like? Nobody. However, insects have a well-defined role in the Earth's ecosystem. Still, scientists have rightly wondered what would happen if one day these insects disappeared completely from Earth?

The ecosystem is affected every time an animal or an insect disappears from Earth. The same would happen in the case of kitchen beetles. Their disappearance would cause chaos in the Nitrogen circuit in nature. At least that is what Sambi Kambhampati, a professor at the Department of Biology at the University of Texas.

"These insects called kitchen beetles consume a large amount of decomposing matter, which contains a large amount of nitrogen. At the same time, roaches remove nitrogen through faeces, and it is used by plants after it reaches the ground, "says Professor of Indian origin Srini Kambhampati.

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In particular, the disappearance of insects would directly affect forests, and indirectly the animal and insect species living in these forests. It should be said that these kitchen beetles (there are between 5,000 and 10,000 species worldwide) are the primary source of food for many small and very small birds and mammals.

So even if they seem to be in vain on the face of the Earth and only cause people to be horrified, kitchen beetles play their part in the ecosystem. And it is a well-defined role.
Curiosities about cockroaches:

  •     Modern cockroaches have appeared more than 200 million years ago;
  •     Beetles can survive without head for more than a week;
  •     The scarab can pick up an object 800 times heavier than it.

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