What does "lmfao" mean?

LMFAO Over the last few years, the Internet has more and more frequent expressions, some of which have been taken over from English. These are mainly used by young people. However, there are cases where certain abbreviations may give some older headaches real headaches. Like, for example, lmfao. What does LMFAO mean and what comes from?

It's been a long time since Laughing out Loud and LMFAO (lought my fuckin 'of ass) is the time for free translation, meaning "I'm ruining my laughing laugh."

At the same time, LMFAO was an American electro hop duo, which was formed in 2006 in the sunny Los Angeles, California. This duo is made up of rappers, dancers and Redfoo DJ.

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Their music has become known all over the world thanks to "I'm In Miami Bitch", "Yes", "La LaLa" and "Shots" and "Sexy and I Know It". In 2012, LMFAO members broke up.
What other expressions do young people use on social networks?

    ASAP - As soon as possible - As soon as possible
    BRB: Be Right Back-Rein right away
    FYI: For Your Info-For Your Information
    FB: Facebook
    LMAO: Laugh my ass of - I'm very laughing
    WTF: What the f ** k-What the fuck?
    BTW: By the way-Apropo
    F2F: Face to Face - Face to Face
    OMG-Oh my God- Oh, my God!

Abbreviations have become a necessity for those who do not want to type too long words. It should be noted that these abbreviations have evolved with the advent of the Internet. At first they were used on Mirc, then on Messenger from Yahoo and now on Facebook chat, the most popular social networking in the world. They are in constant change and can change considerably from one generation to the next.

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