How big was the biggest snowflake in history?

Millions of snowflakes fall every day on Earth. Smaller or bigger, brighter or not, the snowflakes are pretty spectacular. How big was the biggest snowflake in history that meteorologists talk about with admiration?

It is difficult to determine which snowflake was the largest in the world, because it does not have eloquent pictures.

According to meteorologists, the world's largest snowflake had a diameter of 38.1 centimeters. It was also recorded in the Book of Records, and its appearance was recorded in 1887 in Montana, United States of America.

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Representatives of the Book of Records write that a farmer who witnessed this massive snowfall would compare the size of a “pot with milk”. Unfortunately, no photos support this statement.

According to scientists, the law of physics does not impose restrictions on the size of flakes falling from the sky. “There is absolutely every reason to believe that such situations with large centimeters of flakes can occur almost every day in the winter somewhere in Europe or on the edges of North America and Asia,” said William S. Pike. British meteorologist.

However, a snowflake of 38.1 centimeters is too much, isn't it?
Snowflake Curiosities:

  •     The average speed of a snowflake is 1.7 meters per second;
  •     According to scientists, an ordinary snowflake contains 180 billion water molecules;
  •     All snowflakes have six faces, and they come in different combinations.

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