Venom: here are the first hot reactions for the cinecomic with Tom Hardy

The press has seen Venom. As usual, the social media have been invaded by short hot comments on the Sony Cinecomic with Tom Hardy arriving on October 4 in worldwide.

For the moment it seems that the film was not particularly appreciated, although many said they liked the most entertaining scenes of the film and the sequence of credits.

You can read some comments below (remember that this is a selection of the first reactions) while waiting for the complete reviews to be published tomorrow morning:

  • Brandon Davis: Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock and Venom creates moments of great entertainment. A clumsy script without gradients lands the film, keeping it from being raw and realistic, entertaining or somehow unique.
  •     Perri Nemiroff: Big portions of Venom do not work * for nothing * but there is really charm in the relationship between Eddie and Venom. I do not think I've reacted in the right way to certain scenes, but the fun is fun, even when it's completely ridiculous, is not it? Too bad they have not aimed at the ban on minors.
  •     Beatrice Verhoeven: Venom was not as bad as everyone said. Tom Hardy is always a great actor, I laughed a lot ... even if I do not know if it was wanted or not. The scene of the credits is ... 🔥
  •     The Mothmeg: This is a 2004 film that ended up in a wormhole. I think so. It is a film that comes from the pre-UCM era ended here via a space-time tunnel.
  •     Tread Talks: Venom is practically the Fantastic 4 this year. Everyone but Hardy struggle with their own interpretation ... I would hate to have to participate in the press for this film.
  •     Mike Ryan: Venom has some charm ". The whole cast seems to know that he is in a very dark cinecomic except for Tom Hardy who practically throws himself into a remake of Jim Carrey's liar Liar.
  •     Scott Mendelson: Tom Hardy's performance is on the levels of Johnny Depp in the first Pirates of the Caribbean or Chris Klein on Street Fighter - Legend. In one case or another, it is not boring.
  •     Tom Horrorgensen: I'm sorry to say that Venom is practically a complete failure - a total 15 year old chaos that ignores the steps taken in the narrative from superhero movies in recent years. Beyond some fun moments with Venom, it has nothing more to offer. Do not hesitate.

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The film will tell the origins of Venom and is directed by Ruben Fleischer on a script by Scott Rosenberg, Jeff Pinker and Kelly Marcel. To production Avi Arad, Matt Tolmach and Amy Pascal. In the cast, Tom Hardy, Riz Ahmed, Michelle Williams, Woody Harrelson, Jenny Slate and Ron Cephas Jones.

Venom will be released on October 4th 2018.

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