Strange conclusion of Spanish researchers: time will freeze and disappear

A research conducted in collaboration with two universities in Spain on the continued and rapid expansion of the Universe has reached an incredibly surprising theoretical conclusion.

Spanish physicist physicists have proposed to explain exactly why the Universe seems to expand at a higher rate than ever in history. This is a question that has contradicted scientists for many years, and previous attempts to understand this complicated and mysterious phenomenon have not been able to provide a safe conclusion.

After studying the research of other scientists, the Spanish team of researchers chose to look at the cosmological puzzle in a different way from the others. Perhaps the question was misplaced by the other researchers. Perhaps the correct question is not "Why does the universe expand at such a high speed?" But rather, "Why does the time itself slow down?"

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From a theoretical point of view, scientists could misinterpret the acceleration of the expansion of the Universe. In fact, the passage of time could slow down to such a subtle rate that it can not be detected by experts, even using the most advanced technology available. In this case, the theory would be the following: it is possible that eventually the time "will end" entirely, and the result would be that the Universe would "freeze" in a state that would last for eternity.

Speaking of this theory, renowned cosmologist Gary Gibbons said she was credible. According to Gibbons, physics assumes that this concept of time has emerged during the Big Bang (the birth of the Universe) process. Therefore, it would be logical that if time is an entity that can emerge from nothing, then it may disappear.

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