SpaceX chose the first space travel to the Moon

One year ago, Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, said he planned to transport two people in space.

On September 13, SpaceX announced that the first citizen had signed the agreement for a space trip. According to the Tech Times, no name has been published so far, but the company said it will provide more details at a conference on Tuesday.

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Musk confirmed that the news suggesting that the first citizen to fly to the Moon is from Japan. "Only 42 people were on the Moon. The last time a person arrived there was 1972, "Musk wrote on Twitter.

SpaceX's BFR missile is considered one of the most powerful in the world. Musk said SpaceX could begin testing parts of the rocket until 2019. Initially, Musk announced the transport of two passengers to the Moon aboard a Falcon Heavy missile in a Dragon Capsule. Several months later he changed his plan and decided that the flight would take place on a BFR or BFS rocket.

Although it could be used both to launch satellites in space and to cleanse the outer garbage, Musk claims the rocket will be largely used to transport people into space.

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